About Becky Louise Designs

Let's introduce you to the personalised handcrafted gift business started by Mum Becky when her daughter Madi was 4. Over the years, Madi has grown up surrounded by paint and glitter and now, at the age of 18, she works alongside her Mum in the Bognor Regis workshop to expand and enhance the family business with new designs and ideas.

Becky's journey began when she discovered her passion for creating unique and personalised gifts. Starting small, she handcrafted custom-made Photo frames all painted by hand paying attention to detail and a strong commitment to quality. Her products quickly gained popularity among friends, family, Ebay and Amazon.

As Madi grew older, she developed a similar passion for creativity and design. Recognizing her potential and acknowledging the importance of passing down the family business, Becky welcomed Madi into the fold. Madi brought fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a new generation's aesthetic sense to the table.

Together, Becky and Madi have expanded their product range by introducing new designs, incorporating different materials, and exploring unique gift concepts. They collaborate closely, combining Becky's expertise and experience with Madi's fresh outlook to create an even wider variety of personalised handcrafted gifts.

With Madi's involvement, the business has embraced technology, utilizing online platforms and social media to reach a wider audience (Hello TikTok!)

The mother-daughter team is committed to providing exceptional customer service while ensuring that each product carries a touch of their passion and craftsmanship. Their combined efforts have resulted in a thriving business that continues to evolve and grow through the infusion of Madi's new designs and ideas.

As they work together, they create not only beautiful and thoughtful gifts but also an inspiring example of family unity, entrepreneurship, and the power of collaboration.